Does this sound familiar?

You don’t know how but you know that something has to change.

Your clothes might seem to shrink or you feel bloated all the time. Maybe you seem to never end your puberty and your acne gets worse instead of clearing up. There are endless ways in which our bodies try to tell us that something needs to be done. 


I would love to assist you in finding that root cause of your health issues! Oftentimes the underlying problem is hidden underneath many different layers and it needs some time to reveal the best and most vibrant version of yourself.

Don’t waste anymore time to find the secret for your health!

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I will help you to start your journey with an
one-on-one consultations.

This is perfect for everyone who wants guidance and personal help which takes away every excuse and keeps you accountable.

This program is held in my practice or via Skype consultations.

from $225.00

Email supported

After the initial consultation I will stay in contact with you via email correspondence.

Your weekly reviews are getting evaluated and I answer your personal questions throughout the whole program.

This form is ideal for everyone who prefers remote support and personal flexibility


” Loved my sessions with Kati. Learned so much and some of the very basics were brought to my attention and are making me feel great! “


Andy is my favourite client and the one closest to my heart. From the time that I knew him, he always struggled with allergies, chronic headaches, back pain, low immunity and as we found out later, extremely low sperm count.

There was seldom a time when he felt better and he constantly put on weight.

Only after we started our health journey things changed for both of us. Now we don’t have anymore medication in our house where before it was a daily necessity without which Andy wouldn’t be able to function.

Not only has he lost 20kg since then, he now is also able to enjoy nuts, most fruits and a life without pain.

I loved the man that I married in 2007 but I would never have imagined that my husband could be as energised, positive, encouraging and motivating as he is now.

Dr’s gave up on him and told us that there was simply nothing that could be changed about the fact that he was in pain and infertile.

Reality is that his sperm count came back recently and the physician didn’t understand why we even wanted to test it because it was so good.

If all this sounds familiar to you, please let me tell you that there is hope and only because conventional medicine has no answer, doesn’t mean that you are trapped.