client agreement


Terms of Engagement & Consent Form

Good nutrition supports the body’s natural defenses and resistance. However, no claim can be made about the efficacy of any naturopathic nutritional advice.

The Nutrition Consultant:

• Naturopathic nutritional advice will be tailored to support medically diagnosed conditions and/or health concerns agreed and identified by the two parties.
• Nutritional consultants are not permitted to diagnose or claim to treat medical conditions.
• Naturopathic nutritional therapy is not a substitute for professional medical advice and treatment.


The Client:

• You are responsible for contacting your GP (General Practitioner) or Specialist about any health concerns you may have.
• Please advise your GP nutrition protocol you will be following. Please also advise any other complementary medicine practitioners you are consulting.
• It is important that you tell your nutritional consultant about any medical diagnosis you have received any prescription medication, herbal medicine or food supplements or over the counter medication you are taking as it may affect the nutritional program.
• If you are unclear about any part of your plan then you should contact your nutritional consultant immediately for clarification.
• Your nutritional program and supplement plan will have a time frame and you should not continue with recommendations outside of this unless agreed by your nutritional consultant. This is to avoid any adverse reactions.
• Please report any concerns about your program to your nutritional consultant for discussion at your next consultation.

We (the Nutrition Consultant and the Client) understand the above and agree our professional relationship will be based on the above content of this document.

Client Agreement
With these understandings, I (the client) consent to participating as a client in the consultation. *