This ONE simple STEP will change your life


When I met Kati by chance last year it was my lucky day. I was struggling with indigestion, reflux, light headiness, tiredness, mood changes and muscle cramps in my glutes. Add to that arthritis and lower back giving trouble which had prevented me walking and I had the inevitable weight gain. I felt older than my 64 years and sluggish. I considered I had a healthy diet and couldn’t understand why I felt so miserable. After a complex consultation, Kati put me on a GUT HEALING PROGRAM which was supplemented with vitamins. I was determined to follow the program properly to know if it was for me. I had nothing to lose. It’s now been 14 weeks. I’ve lost 6kg — it has come off slowly but steadily each week. The prescription pills for reflux and indigestion are no more, I simply don’t need them. Arthritis and mood swings are stabilised. My energy is up and I’ve slowly started walking and am building my strength up and I walk daily. I am a new person! I’m very proud I’ve not wavered from the program and it’s been the easiest lifestyle change I’ve done. It’s not a “diet”. I’ve not missed out on anything I’ve wanted. I simply don’t have cravings at all. I’VE REVERSED ALL MY PREVIOUS PROBLEMS! If a special occasion comes along, I have what I like and switch back to my new routine the next day. Thank you Kati for putting me back on track and showing me the way to my new life.