This ONE simple STEP will change your life


Before I started on this journey, I wasn’t happy with my weight but it was more how I was feeling bloated and tired every day. I had no energy, even first thing in the morning I seemed to lack motivation. I was mainly frustrated with myself because I can usually get myself into a good routine but I noticed the older I was getting the harder it was to push past these times and the bloating and tiredness seemed to be getting more often than not. Kati’s service was very PERSONALISED, it explained in depth why I craved the things I did (chocolate) and why I would feel the way I did when eating certain foods. She taught when, how and what food to eat in order for my digestive system to absorb the nutrients it needed. I wasn’t overloaded with information and I felt a positive change straight away. The results were almost instant and each visit taught me new things that kept me interested and motivated to keep going in my journey. I FEEL LIKE I AM BACK IN CONTROL of what’s going on with my health and have ENERGY to do the exercise that I love to do. I’m excited to keep learning about the nutrition in food and the benefits in learning about the effects that food has on our body not only physically but also emotionally.