Vitamins and Minerals


This ONE simple STEP will change your life


Even though it seems like minerals and vitamins make up only a small amount of the diet, in fact minerals represent 4-5% of body weight!

Without the right amount and form of a certain mineral or vitamin, simple and essential processes aren’t happening because this particular nutrient is like a key to unlock the process.

For this reason, people who are suffering from a vitamin B deficiency might get fatigued, experience difficulties concentrating or remembering. This vitamin is vital to unlock energy production and a lack of it slows down anything that is related to nervous function.

Minerals and Vitamins through food

One of the best ways to ensure that you get enough nutrients is to eat whole foods. Everything that we discussed in the last posts not only contain water, fat, protein or carbohydrate, they also contain precious minerals and vitamins!

The only trouble with these nutrients is, that as a food is getting old, the quality and quantity of nutrients decreases.

A carrot straight from the field has a much higher nutrient content than one that is sitting on the store shelves for a week and traveled before it got there. Also, the nutrients in the soil in which the vegetable grew makes a huge difference in the finished product as well.

With other words: buy your vegetables and meat, eggs and fish as fresh and local as possible and make sure it was grown under healthy circumstances. If you are lucky enough to have good, organic farmers nearby, you can pick it up straight from the farm or the farmers market.

If you live remotely and have to rely on supermarkets, you just need to make sure, that you get the best quality possible — according to your area and budget.


Another way to address this problem is to supplement with a multivitamin. This seems to be the most convenient way for many people. At least you don’t have to worry about any deficiencies, or do you?

To supplement is certainly a start in the right direction but unfortunately most supplements are of very poor quality and produce not much more than expensive urine. The body eliminates supplemental nutrients as fast as possible instead of using them because they are in a form not recognized by the body.

Still, supplementing with a nutrient is often the best and fastest way to address or support the treatment of an issue that is deficiency related.

As mentioned above, the form and amount of a nutrient makes all the difference and I want to encourage you to speak to a health provider before you start taking anything. The reason is simply because some nutrients may cause problems in the wrong dosage or in combination with other supplements or drugs.